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Our Services

At Interior 1881 Enterprise, our team of designers and stylists customizes a plan suitable for your individuality and your objectives. It suits all lifestyles and all budget for each of our clients.



The processes and products of the planning, design and construction of buildings carried out by the 1881 enterprise will always be monitored so that the quality of the results cannot be doubted.


Furniture in 1881 certainly provides the best quality from the best and provides input to suit the interior design of your home.



1881 Enterprise renovate the building that you currently have into a more beautiful building and according to your wishes. Of course, taking into account the funds you have.


House isolated in the field
Residential brick house

Exterior Design

Exterior design will certainly pay attention to the beauty and uniqueness and luxury of the building. Depends on how the taste of the building owner. Of course all that can be handled well by the 1881 enterprise. 1881 Enterprise will help you realize the building you dream of from beauty, uniqueness and luxury that suits your taste.


Interior Design

As with exterior design, interior design must also be considered. Because, if the exterior model of the building is good and beautiful, but the layout and furniture and accessories in the building are placed irregularly, then the beauty and tidiness of the house is not perfect.

That’s why 1881 offers you to make the best partner in the desire to realize the building that you dream of.